North Dakota Campaigns For Recreational Cannabis

North Dakota Cannabis NewsNorth Dakota Cannabis News

Voters in election year 2018 hold the power to make North Dakota the first of the midwestern states to vote YES on recreational cannabis laws. The campaign is underway with 30 sponsors at the time of this writing.

Josh Dryer is campaign manager for the Recreational Marijuana/Expungement Bill. Mr. Dryer feels that since the state passed Medical Cannabis in 2016 with a two-thirds majority, Recreational Cannabis legislation has a highly probable chance of becoming law in North Dakota. Recreational Cannabis provides more tax money for states and greater job creation than does Medical Cannabis. This has been illustrated by states such as Colorado and Oregon.

North Dakota is the so called “reddest” in the midwest.  This may be true, as medicinal cannabis was legalized nearly two years ago and political red tape has yet to allow development of the industry.  The wheels of state government in North Dakota are moving slow, particularly where there is such institutional opposition.  In summary, this may or may not the year Nebraska embraces the will of it’s voters and allows a truly green industry to develop.  Natural gas fracking, hopefully, will not be North Dakota’s biggest industry in the future.

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