Cannabis Classic Goes Outdoors In Anchorage

The third annual Northwest Cannabis Classic will be held Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21 at a new venue this year. For the last two years, this popular local event has been held indoors at the Dena’ina Center. This year, weather permitting; the Northwest Cannabis Classic will be held outside the Sullivan arena in Anchorage.

Northwest Cannabis Classic Event Gains Traction In Anchorage

The event is not unlike other trade shows. The main difference is the new cannabis industry and all of its working parts is something new and interesting. Retailers, growers, manufacturers, and many different ancillary business will set up their displays and be happy to educate the public about their respective goods and services. There are a series of planned educational seminars that people can enroll in for free, once inside the gates with a general admission pass. Educational seminars will focus on the emerging segments of the industry and teach participants how to get involved. As the cannabis industry continues to grow in Alaska, events like this will help to educate the public and drive further economic development. Cannabis as an industry is different in Alaska when compared to other states that have recently legalized for one reason or another. Alaska commercial cannabis industry is simply decriminalized and regulated. No distinction is made between medical or recreational. Alaska does have a medical cannabis program, however this is not relevant to commercial production and distribution law.

Northwest Cannabis Classic Organizer, Cory Wray

Northwest Cannabis Classic organizer Cory Wray, is big on community education and transparency. Social acceptability is creating curiosity in the minds of many Alaskans. The event is unique this year in that, it will be joining forces with the micro brew industry to illustrate the common relationships between hops, cannabis, and the many common features both craft industries posses.

Another Cannabis Classic

On May 18, 2017 Juneau, Alaska The state of Alaska Police Standards Council addressed possession, distribution, and cultivation of marijuana by police officers. A previous ruling from 2015 was kept in place that would disallow police officers from participating in the Alaska cannabis industry or from consuming cannabis while being employed as a police officer in Alaska.

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